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Cannot Draw Straight Arrows or Circle with IPHONE - After drawing arrow or circle keep HOLDING down and it will lock in perfect circle and arrows.

Merriam Hart Communicator not working - Make sure 250 Ohm resistor is in SERIES with negative terminal and not across terminals.  Make sure device is HART compliant.

Google Chrome will only cast current screen - BEFORE choosing device.  Choose DESKTOP and then choose Monitor and it will move to all displays.

TIVO not receiving all channels -  Unpower TIVO box, remove cable card, re-insert Cable card, repower box

Clamp-On Oxygen Flow Saves Lives!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused long-term strain on hospitals and medical equipment, sparking concerns about the limitations of oxygen flow and existing VIE (Vacuum Insulated Evaporator) telemetry. The drastic rise in ventilator use and ICU occupancy has increased demand for these measurements and caused NHS hospitals in the UK to recognize the value of live O2 flow [...]

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Clamp On Ultrasonic Flowmeters increase Chiller Efficiency and reduce Pump energy cost

An HVAC system’s energy efficiency is only as good as the energy-engineering firm that monitors and upgrades it. Hemant Mehta’s WMGroup must be doing something right because he and his team have been fine-tuning HVAC systems for the same major New Jersey pharmaceutical company since 1984. Chiller Upgrades The latest improvement involved the upgrading of the chiller [...]

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Using Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Accurate Helium Measurement

Since 1996 the demand for helium has been ramping up, as supply remains fairly static. Accordingly, prices have risen sharply. For example, in 2014 the price for crude helium is estimated to increase 30 percent. The culprit? The Federal Government in the guise of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM)Properties of Helium The helium atom is [...]

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Dynamic Load Compensation for Dry Block Temperature Calibration

JOFRA is continuously seeking new ways of improving temperature calibration. The DLC calibration correction technology is yet another state of the art innovation within temperature calibration. DLC is short for Dynamic Load Compensation: the principle is innovative and patent pending.What is the Dynamic Load Compensation system?The Dynamic Load Compensation system combines a measuring/control system with [...]

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Problems Associated with High Vibration and Pulsation Service in Pressure Measurement

Pressure gauges without gears are known as "Direct Drive" gauges.Direct-drive pressure gauges replace the “C-shaped” bourdon tube [...]

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CHP Gaining Widespread Interest Reduced Costs, Accurate Metering, and Freedom from the Grid are Key

In recent years, there has been growing interest in combined heat and power (CHP), also called cogeneration. CHP works by using modular turbines connected in parallel to generate electrical power on site, capturing the heat created, and using it to heat the facility in winter, and drive an absorption chiller in warm months.So, why is [...]

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