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Clamp-On Oxygen Flow Saves Lives!

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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused long-term strain on hospitals and medical equipment, sparking concerns about the limitations of oxygen flow and existing VIE (Vacuum Insulated Evaporator) telemetry. The drastic rise in ventilator use and ICU occupancy has increased demand for these measurements and caused NHS hospitals in the UK to recognize the value of live O2 flow rate telemetry in inpatient care.

Clamp-On FLEXIM O2 flowmeters meters can help. By clamping directly to the hospital MGPS or BMS system, they provide a non invasive method of displaying live oxygen consumption data and alerting hospital workers to potentially dangerous O2 levels. Usage in each ward as well as peak and average flows can all be recorded in order to minimize patient risk and optimize O2 managment.


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